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InTheCrack / Amara Romani – 1281

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Bed White and Blue. 11:42
Amara’s healthy curves are well presented in her midriff baring top and tight white jean shorts. After the teasing there a bit of bare bottom nudity in the last few minutes as she lowers her panties around her thighs and gives you a pretty graphic introduction to her naked assets.

Let’s Meat Amara. 9:48
Now naked on the bed Amara just shows off her bare pussy and ass with all kinds of revealing poses. Her bend over and squatting positions are especially impressive with her very attractive assets hovering in your face. There’s a lot to ogle here with a beautifully thick and meaty set of pussy lips complimenting a flawless and perfectly formed ass.

How Romani Tick. 5:36
Jenna Sativa makes a cameo appearance in this clip without make up and just playing the role of assistant in a tickling scene. She uses a branch of flower petals to tickle Amara’s feet and ass. Things get more out of control when she ditches the flowers in favour of hands to torture Amara with merciless tickling all over her body. It’s not exactly sexy or elegant but all in fun with lots of uncontrollable laughter.

A Flop Dick all Illusion. 7:47
Amara rides a mounted dildo with lots of bend over rear views through all of the action. The dildo was perhaps a bit too soft and bendy to allow for the best action and/or posture but it’s still pretty decent regardless.

Sodom and G’Amara. ITC Favorite 8:43
Amara shows off her ass with a pink ball on a rubber string popping in and out of her ass hole. With the ball buried up her ass the string gives her a nice floppy little tail to wag around as she bends over twerking. The bend over poses are really beautiful here with her well formed undercarriage beautifully displayed along with the added decoration of the rubber string sticking out of her ass.

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